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Board Members: The Team Behind Flourishing Foundation

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The languages spoken by our board members include: Amharic, Tigrinya, French, Farsi, Dari, Swahili, Polish, English, Cree.

Saba Tadesse-Lee

Certified Translator of Tigrinya and Amharic

Shugoofa Paikar, ECE

Fireshta Sardar

Jacquis Munyaga

Jacquis Munyaga

Katherine A. Cooper

Katherine A. Cooper Kahwahteeket Muska Iskwew

(Digging Bear Woman)

Andrea Montgomery

Di Marco, PhD

Mambo Tabu Masinda, PhD

Gregory Kaniewski


Chase Moreira, BMgmt

Our Mission

Our mission is to draw on our collective imaginations to envision what a truly post-colonial Canada could look like.

We are committed to building stronger relationships between all women in Canada including Indigenous women, refugee-immigrant women, immigrant women, and Canadian-born women.

We recognize that we are not one homogenous group and that the challenges and obstacles experienced by individual women and groups of women are not the same.

We are committed to communication and to learning how to be allies, to become better educated about the very different experiences of women and the intersectional marginalization and abuse of Canada’s Indigenous women, and to supporting all Canadian women in achieving gender parity.

We identified the challenges we faced as women recognizing the multiple challenges of a patriarchal world; of mothers wanting to spend invaluable time with our children without our being devalued; wanting at any cost to love and protect our children from harm, illness, and death; and finally, identifying the challenges we experienced as women trying to negotiate the delicate but critical balance between finding meaning in, or purpose for, our suffering, without feeling subservient, undervalued, or martyred.

Let's end the racist, colonial, and patriarchal worldviews that hold us all back.

How will Canada flourish if any individual or groups of individuals languish?

We will all flourish individually and as a nation when we invest in our Indigenous Canadian women and our refugee-immigrant women who are rebuilding lives and recreating home. When women flourish, we all flourish.

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