Entrepreneurial Projects: Global Women Catering

One entrepreneurial initiative supported by Flourishing Foundation is a refugee-immigrant women’s catering crew who call themselves Global Women Catering. More than a dozen women from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Syria, Tajikistan, and Ethiopia, all of whom love to prepare their national dishes and more, joined forces to become Global Women Catering.

“Talking, working together with other refugee-immigrant women, it felt like we were in the same situation. It felt comfortable to talk and to be together.

We were the same; we want the same things for our children, for our families, ourselves. Because of the work of our group we were introduced to the public as women, as people, not as clients. I feel like if we want something, if we want anything, we can do it. We feel we can do these things now. 

All the time, it was my wish to do something for the others, and we did it. I cannot find the words. I feel my confidence is so big. I feel like I am better prepared to help other people. I feel like I can do it now. I have a job now, my children are in school, we have each other, we do not feel alone. I feel hopeful. I am smiling. I am laughing. I still am worried about my family, but I am smiling.”  

(Lavender – Afghani)

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