Creating a Better Life for Refugee-Immigrant, Immigrant, and Indigenous Women in Canada

We are a grassroots initiative supporting education, entrepreneurship, and family reunification for refugee-immigrant and Indigenous women.

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Supporting Women to Lift Up Communities

Our advocacy drives investment and interest in the lives of women who want their communities to thrive.

When we support women, they become a driving force in their communities.

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Some facts and numbers


We are committed to helping women contribute their education, skills, experiential wisdom, gifts, and creative talents at the highest possible levels.

Displaced People

The latest reports estimate 70.8 million people are displaced from their homelands; this number includes
25.4 million refugees
(UNHCR, 2019b, para.1).


We encourage self-empowerment of Indigenous Canadian women and refugee-immigrant women from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Turkey, Sudan, and any other country where women require asylum in Canada.

The struggle to rebuild a life after trauma or displacement

The vision of Canada is a multicultural nation. Despite this, it is incredibly difficult to rebuild a life here. Many families face language barriers, poverty, and economic disadvantages in their new host country. Many others, including Indigenous Canadian women, face multiple oppressions in their country of origin.

The women of Flourishing Foundation know what it is like to live through injustices, war, poverty, and displacement. They have struggled to create community and opportunities in Canada, and now share their knowledge and hope with newcomers.

How we can help

Creating a space where women make the decisions for outcomes that directly affect them.

Engaging in conversation
between First Nations women, Refugee-Immigrant women, Immigrant women, and Canadian-born women.

Funding and running sustainable programs for women’s education, entrepreneurship, and family reunification.

What We Do


Entrepreneurial Projects


Family Reunification

See the impact of your involvement.

If these are concerns or issues that speak to your heart, it can be hard to know how to make an impact.
Sending money to large agencies often means it goes into a huge pond that nobody sees.
At Flourishing Foundation, these are individuals and families that you can support in the larger community at the same time. Your funds and volunteerism make a very personal impact.

Sustainable Support Network
Families who participate in the reunification initiative enter the program with the intention of paying it forward to the next family. 

Board with Lived Experience
Board includes primarily refugee-immigrants, and immigrants, and Indigenous members, who have lived through displacement, and want to provide hope, support, and learned strategies.

Programs that Make a Difference
Programs focus primarily on strategies for building stronger, diverse, and sustainable communities.

Your funds and volunteerism make a direct impact on real women’s lives.

The beginning of our new life in Canada was very hard learning a new culture.
The language barrier and stress from being away from our families was challenging. I had never been separated from my family since my birth.

Our research group and catering group helped us to make a lots of friends, and taught us how to make a community. I want to pay back to the community and to help newcomers to B.C. I am so proud to be a Member of the Board and to help others with my knowledge and my experience.

Fireshta Sardar 
Flourishing Foundation Board Member

How can you help?

Creating opportunities for our communities to thrive

Here’s how it works:

Get in touch

Not sure where to start? Simply reach out. We can help you find a way to make a difference.

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved with our vibrant organization. Give your time or contribute financially to our grass-roots, sustainable foundation.

Create thriving communities

We will all flourish individually and as a nation when we invest in women who are rebuilding their lives and their communities.
Build a flourishing Canada with us.

Start something in your community

Download our guide of 10 things you can do to create an
engaged and more inclusive community right where you live.

Let's end the racist, colonial, and patriarchal worldviews that hold us all back.

How will Canada flourish if any individual or groups of individuals languish?

We will all flourish individually and as a nation when we invest in our Indigenous Canadian women and our refugee-immigrant women who are rebuilding lives and recreating home. When women flourish, we all flourish.

Start something in your community

Download our guide of 10 things you can do to create an engaged and more inclusive community right where you live.


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