“Spring Sharing & Storytelling” Contest



by Flourishing Foundation

We are delighted to announce our Spring Sharing and Storytelling Contest. The rules of the contest are simple: please send us your original written story (no more than 750 words) or recorded story (no longer than 5 minutes) for us to publish on the website.

Your story could be:

1. a memory from your childhood;
2. an adventure you had sometime in your life;
3. a journey you experienced sometime in your life.

A winning story will be memorable, thought-provoking, and important to you!

Your name will not be attached to your writing or your recording when it is submitted to the Judging Panel.

The favourite story will win $100.00 AND the best recorded story will win $100.00. One entry per person, either written or recorded.

There is no need to edit your work! Spelling and grammar do not count! The winning story will be professionally edited before being published on the website. The recorded story will be published in your original voice.

Deadline for submitting a story is May 15, 2021.
Submit entries to contact@flourishingfoundation.org
Winners will be announced mid-May!

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