Advancing Gender Equity in Canada — Significant Dates



by Flourishing Foundation

Reuniting Refugee-Immigrant Families

We acknowledge specific dates that promote awareness and encourage discussion. These dates include:

  • International Women’s Day on March 8
  • Gender Equality Week during the fourth week in September
  • Women’s History Month in October
  • National Day of Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls on October 4
  • October 11 – Day of the Girl
  • Person’s Day on October 18 *
  • Woman Abuse Prevention Month in November
  • United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25
  • National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women on December 6

*  it marks the day in 1929 when the historic decision to include women in the legal definition of “persons” was handed down by Canada’s highest court of appeal. This gave only some women the right to be appointed to the Senate of Canada and paved the way for women’s increased participation in public and political life. Though this decision did not include all women, such as Indigenous women and women of Asian heritage and descent, it did mark critical progress in the advancement of gender equality in Canada.

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